"Caribbean Experience"


Info Wilson's Barbershop: 0621302540

Fresh HairCuts
Fresh Cut & Hair Wash 40,00
A Fresh Cut 35,50
Caribbean Designer Cut; Long hair, Scissors Cut, looking for a new hairdo? 39,00
Kids Cut until 14 years 30,50
Coconut Cut 1 length allover 28,50
VIP Cut: Fresh Cut, Facial Sauna, Hot Towel & Purifying Mask 60,00
Beards & Shaves
Beard Trim 30,00
VIP Beard Trim 40,00
Fresh Head Shave 38,50
Clean Razor Shave 40,00
Extra with beard; hair lineup & neck 10.00
Caribbean Combo
Fresh Cut & Beard Trim 60,00
VIP Experience: HairCut, Beard Trim, Facial Sauna & Purifying mask 90,00
Fresh Cut or Head Shave & Clean Razor Shave 65,00
Fresh Head Shave & Beard Trim 65,00
Extra treatments
Hot Towel 5 00
Hair Wash Experience 5,00
Eyebrow trim and lineup 3,00
Purifying Facial Mask 10,00
Facial Sauna 10,00
Nose, ears and neck trim is Service for regular guests

You deserve to always look your best in 2023 and get your Caribbean Experience!

We can do this for you as a Barbershop Member. Enjoy your relaxation, the advantages, surprises and discounts but foremost, look your best and stay Fresh!

You can pay per treatment in the barbershop. Online payments are at the full offered prices. 

Barbershop MEMBERSHIP 2023

10% discount: for a treatment every 4 weeks (between 21-28 days)
15% discount: for a treatment every 3 weeks (between 14-21 days)

20% discount: for a treatment every 2 weeks (between 7-14 days)
25% discount: for a treatment every week (between 1-7 days)

10% product discount
10% merchandise discount
10% WEBSHOP discount