Wahl Super Taper & Super Trimmer COMBI


WAHL Super Taper & Super Trimmer is the best-selling clipper among barbers and is recognized as one of the best taper clippers and also great for household usage.

The versatile Super Taper Clipper features a high-quality chromed blade with screw system and cuts hair with ease. On the side is a lever that allows the cutter blade to be adjusted accurately for quick and easy adjustment of the cutting width without changing the blade!

The Wahl Super Taper Clipper is designed to cool the device gradually while shaving. This ensures that the Super Taper can perform without any problems the whole day long!

The V5000 engine rotates faster than a standard electromagnetic clipper.

The WAHL Super Trimmer is a wireless trimmer with powerful DC motor. With a fully charged battery it is possible to work continuously for 100 minutes! The Super Trimmer is ideal for the finishing touch around the neck and hairline, making it the ideal partner of the Wahl Super Taper.

The Wahl Super Trimmer is a powerful rechargeable trimmer for fine work and has stainless steel knives with a knife length of 0.4 mm. The interchangeable click system makes it possible to quickly and easily change knives.

This Wahl Super Taper + Super Trimmer Combipack is a great buy!