After three years of the "Caribbean Experience in the unique wooden Barbershop in the Tropical garden of Barber Wilson,  it was time to offer this new and unique form of Caribbean Relaxation on  a larger scale in Haarlem and for everyone looking for something new in the Beauty world. 

It's about a place where everyone can unite, connect and more important, it's about family!


At Rustenburgerlaan we offer our treatments to the entire  family, with ALL hairtypes. We have a team of hairstlists and Barbers who will pamper you!

As a family you can visit our hairdressers & Barbers together. If the agenda permits you can relax and enjoy your Experience at the same time in our colorful chairs. This gives you more quality time during and after as a family.

It's Your 1 Stop Family Barbershop! So take a Caribbean holiday

and visit Wilson's Barbershop. 

The Caribbean Experience is Unique, Personal & Relaxing!