Look Fresh with your Summer Vibes Slippers!

Rain or sun, stay Fresh with your Family Barbershop umbrella. It's sturdy and big enough for two people. It has 1 small barbershop logo of 8cm.

Select your favourite color or the limited edition umbrella with the Barberpole colors (blue, red & white)!

Look stylish with this designer long sleeve shirt of your Caribbean Barbershop. 

This winter you will feel extra warm with our newest Designer Hoodie woth a zipper. It is personalized in various colors just for you.

This winter you will feel extra warm with our newest Color Hoodie. It is personalized in various colors just for you. 

Shine and protect yourself with our brand new Barbershop mouth masks.

These A-quality 3-layer cotton mouth masks are available in 6 colors with adjustable elastics and nose clip. Due to their preshape it is more comfortable and fitted to wear.

Your mask has our Barbershop logo and an extra sleeve inside for a 2.5ppm filter for extra protection. These filters can be purchased seperately.

The masks are delivered in a small resealable plastic bag , handy for your mask when not in use.  

Last but not least, these masks are perfect for your journey with public transport or as a stylish item! You are our Brand Ambassador. 

With our new Designer 2020 T-shirt you will look Fresh all year round! These are 100% organic cotton fabric and can be ordered in the following colors: RED, light BLUE, BLACK, light GREEN or WHITE.

for kids sizes please mention your desired size in the checkout/payment note box. 

This is our newest addition in the webshop!

The Cap is embroided with the Barbershop Logo and on the back you express your Caribbean Experience!

Make your purchase UNIQUE and select your favourite color! 

As a brand ambassador you will wear one of our nicest merchandise products. Shine and be proud of your personal Caribbean Experience!

Are you ready for the Summer? THis is the new hot item in the webshop, your Caribbean Experience swimming trunks!

Personalize your trunks by selecting your favourite color. Enjoy your summer and your Caribbean Experience.

This is a comfortable cotton Polo shirt with our Barbershop Logo available in various colors.