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We have a range of merchandise and products available.



The Caribbean Experience is a Unique, Personal & Relaxing Barbershop Experience in Haarlem, the Netherlands. This is combined with a Caribbean playlist on Spotify (wilsonsbarbershophaarlem) which offers the relaxing tunes which people experience in the Barbershop.

Over the past years we received many requests from guests for T-shirts and other merchandise. This is how the idea of starting the Caribbean Webshop started.  All products are unique and personalized just for you and they will help you feel more relaxed!  Enjoy your online visit and let us know of any products you may need that are not online. 

Our Barbershop at Rustenburgerlaan in Haarlem celebrated it's 1st Anniversary in 2020!

This is the special designer limited edition hoodie. Available in Black or Navy Blue, with or without a zipper.

The reggae colored logo shines on your chest and on your back. On your cappuchon your have the following text "Stay Fresh"with a scissors next to the text. 

We will only produce 30 in total so make sure you have yours.

This is a comfortable cotton Polo shirt with our Barbershop Logo available in Black and Navy Blue. If you wish to have another color please send us an email or whatsapp message.  


Are you also a bearded person and wish to tidy up your beard continously? Well, this unique Wilson's Barbershop Beard brush is exactly what you need to tame that beard!

Available as of July 17th 2020. Pre-order now.

• The brush size is 74 x 39 mm and fits in all toiletries bags
• for the best result you should combine with a beardoil of choice, of vines vintage or Proraso beard oil or balsem.

This is our newest addition in the webshop!

The Cap is embroided with the Barbershop Logo and on the back you express your Caribbean Experience!

Make your purchase UNIQUE and select your favourite color! 

As a brand ambassador you will wear one of our nicest merchandise products. Shine and be proud of your personal Caribbean Experience!

Shine and protect yourself with our brand new mouth masks.

These A-quality 3-layer cotton mouth masks are available in 6 colors with adjustable elastics and nose clip. Due to their preshape it is more comfortable and fitted to wear.

You have the option for a masks with or withour our Barbershop logo and your mask has an extra sleeve inside for a 2.5ppm filter for extra protection. These filters can be purchased seperately.

The masks are delivered in a small resealable plastic bag , handy for your mask when not in use.  

Last but not least, these masks are perfect for your journey with public transport or as a stylish item! You are our Brand Ambassador. 

With our new Designer 2020 T-shirt you will look Fresh all year round! These are 100% organic cotton fabric and can be ordered in the following colors: RED, light BLUE, BLACK, light GREEN or WHITE.

for kids sizes please mention your desired size in the checkout/payment note box. 

Are you ready for the Summer? THis is the new hot item in the webshop, your Caribbean Experience swimming trunks!

It's made of 100% polyester microfiber and it dries quickly.  

Furthermore it has a elastic waistband with drawstring on the inside. Integrated mesh briefs and a 2 side pockets and 1 pocket with flap and eyelet. Contrasted stitching.

Personalize your trunks and select Red, Black or Aqua Blue. Enjoy your summer and your Caribbean Experience.

Marmara Barber  Eau de Cologne spray is a refreshing eau de cologne from Marmara which can be used as aftershave or a unique daily fragrance.

Purple#1 Eau de Cologne spray has a sweet floral fragrance.

Blue#2 Eau de Cologne spray is with a fresh sport fragrance.

Brown#3 Eau de Cologne spray has a classic herb fragrance.

Yellow#4 Eau de Cologne spray has a sweet floral fragrance. 

Use this right after your haircut or during the day.

Stay Fresh!


Wahl Mobile Shaver is a cordless shaver with a compact size (46 x 100 x 20mm) and light weight (approx. 90 grams). Perfect for traveling. The Mobile Shaver has a nifty LED charging indicator and an operating time of 45 minutes.

Perfect for Afro & Curly Hair

This styling comb is used to perfect your hairdo like a hairstylist. Add your product of choice, comb and style as you wish, finish it off with our Elegance hairspray!

This double sided Afro Styling Sponge is ideal for your ultimate Afro look. Decide which width you wish to style your Afro. For a great finish, use our Thick 'n Shine Hair Gel!

The Authentic Hair Pomade of Gladjakkers is the best in our assortment of products! This 150ml tin of product with a medium hold is water based, so no greasy hands. 


The Authentic Shine Pomade of Gladjakkers gives you a super tight slick back look. The creme makes the hair heavy enabling you to comb it in one swift motion to the back.


The Authentic Dry Pomade of Gladjakkers is the toughest of it's kind, you need this in your assortment. It creates a dry look and keeps your hair styled throughout the day!


Our Authentic Puppy Pomade is for the little man! It gives a great balance and styling as desired and it even smells very nice. Experience shows that the Men enjoy this one as much as the kids.


Gladjakkers Cologne: What's a man without his own distinct fragrance? The Gladjakkers cologne is the perfect addition to your Gladjakkers pomade, shaving soap and beard balm! Your products are combined and are perfectly entwined with the same fresh frangrance you rely on during your day. 


Gladjakkers Aftershave: Does your irritated skin need some smooth refreshing aftershave balm? The authentic Dutch Gladjakkers beard balm calms your irritated skin immediately when you massage it properly into your skin or you can also let someone do this for you. 


Gladjakkers Shaving Cream: Get your razor and shave like a real man! This shaving cream has that authentic gladjakker fragrance and gives you the smoothest shave ever!

Thick 'n Shine styling gel, is specially formulated with a triple protein complex, to thicken and strengthen weak, damaged hair. It gives a soft hold throughout the day. This special blend of proteins, vitamins, shea butter and herbs infuse to each tiny hair strand, increasing weight and diameter, enhancing thickness and shine from within. This is a great product for Black Afro Hair!

Formulated with shea butter, it deeply conditions the hair and contains coconut oil and honey to moisturize delicate strands and coils. It helps reduce frizz and make hair less to breakage. This product is made without harsh ingredients. This is a great product for Curly & Afro hair.

This shampoo for kids has a gentle tear-free formula which cleanses and promotes healthy hair growth with the perfect blend of pure shea butter, coconut oil and honey formulated without harsh ingredients. A perfect product for curls or Afro Hair.

This product calms tangles to reduce breakage with the perfect blend of pure shea butter, coconut oil and honey formulated without harsh ingredients. You can easily comb out your HAIR. A perfect product for curls or Afro Hair.

This condioner for KIDS adds moisture & manageability strand with the perfect blend of pure shea butter, coconut oil and honey formulated without harsh ingredients. A perfect product for curls or Afro Hair.

This is a medium hold hairgel for maximum control with a nice fresh fragrance and ever lasting shine. It contains vitamin Pro-VB5 to protect your hair.

This trasparent hair pomade/wax gives your hair a long lasting shine. It does't leave any residu and allows you to restyle your hair as you wish during the day.

Surprise your friends with a new wild look at a party or any other day. Choose your colour of choice and you can easily wash it out with shampoo.

Elegance Plus Volumizing Hair Styling Spray gives your hair unbelievable volume, movement, lift, natural shine and hold. This firm, fast-drying hairspray leaves hair with manageability and shine. Great for any hair type. Perfect size when traveling (90ml).

Elegance Plus Volumizing Hair Styling Spray gives your hair unbelievable volume, movement, lift, natural shine and hold. This firm, fast-drying hairspray leaves hair with manageability and shine. Great for any hair type. 400ml.

Complete your shave with Proraso Azur Lime Aftershave Balm. A non-greasy cream-balm, it is formulated to revitalise the skin after shaving. The hydrating and nourishing active ingredients help to soften and smooth your skin. Fragranced with an intense freshness of Lemon and Orange, enriched by Mint leaves.


The Proraso Beard Balm Wood and Spice is a soothing scented beard care product. This balm has been formulated to ease the discomfort associated with the first few weeks of new beard growth, such as dry skin or itchiness and soothes and softens beard hair as it grows.


The exclusive Cypress & Vetiver fragrance features the unmistakable freshness of bergamot, accompanied by cypress accents and amber, sustained by a heart of cedar and vetiver. An enveloping aroma with vibrant personality – crisp, harmonious and pleasurably revitalizing. 


Proraso original eucalyptus aftershave lotion is formulated with a cooling menthol & eucalyptus fragrance, tonifying witch hazel and soothing allantoin. This classic aftershave leaves your face feeling revitalised and conditioned.


Apply to your face or beard and massage gently to facilitate absorption.

This aftershave Sensitive Balm provides immediate and soothing relief without alcohol and it completes your shaving ritual. It combines the benefits of a balm, which refreshes and revitalises the skin, with that of a soothing cream.

It's formula is ideal for sensitive skin and is enriched with Oatmeal Extract and Green Tea for an emollient and soothing effect. It's also the ideal way to calm redness caused by shaving.

The Proraso Beard Oil refreshes, moisturises, and protects using natural ingredients that promote healthy beard growth and also prevent breakages and split ends. The application is mess-free thanks to the included dropper.


The Beard oil of Cypress, amber and Vetyver. Leaves you with a masculine scent. 


The masculine Wood and Spice fragrance features fine woods, with a cedar heart and notes of rock rose, spicy cumin, saffron and mildly sweet vanilla.


The Prorazo Beard oil with a scent of Azur Lime, leaves a pleasurable fresh scent sensation.

Vines Vintage Beard Oil is a luxurious oil that should be an integral part of tyour beard grooming process. Infused with Jojoba to soothe and replenish the skin whilst Sweet Almond Oil, rich with Magnesium, helps to moisturise and improve hair quality. This unique blend helps to hydrate and care for dry, unruly beards.